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Understanding the Different Types of Engine Oil

It may or may not shock you, but there are different types of engine oil on the market. They are formulated differently and have distinct properties suited to specific needs and situations, so not all of them will be suitable for your engine. By understanding the most common types of engine oil, you can make an informed decision on which type of oil is best for your vehicle.

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4 Basic Classes of Engine Oil

Here are four of the most popular engine oil types that most vehicles use:

Full Synthetic

Full synthetic oil is a special kind of lubricant that undergoes stringent refining processes to help extend its life. It’s designed for engines that require a higher level of protection and performance. In addition to being specially formulated, full synthetic oils are also uniquely engineered to handle extreme temperatures and other higher-level demands.

Synthetic Blend

Full synthetic blend oil is a great option if you want better protection and performance, but don’t want to spend the extra money on full synthetic oil. It’s formulated using synthetic base stocks and a carefully calibrated blend of highly refined conventional oil. This combination provides great protection against wear, higher heat resistance, quicker lubrication on start-up, and improved fuel economy.

High Mileage

High-mileage oil is ideal for vehicles with over 75,000 miles on the odometer. It is formulated with special additives, such as detergents, seal swells, antioxidants, and friction modifiers. It is specially designed to address the unique needs of older engine systems and help reduce wear, sludge build-up, oil leaks, and other potential problems.

Economy Blend

Economy blend oil is designed to provide basic lubrication and protection that is enough to meet minimum industry standards and owner’s manual specifications. This makes it more affordable compared to other popular engine oil types. Typically, this oil type is recommended for older vehicles that do not require the same level of protection as newly released models.

What Oil Does My Vehicle Take?

To determine the best oil for your vehicle, you’ll need to take a look at your owner’s manual. Aside from the ideal oil type, you can also find there the suggested viscosity grade and the recommended service interval for an oil change. Alternatively, you can speak with one of our mechanics to get accurate advice on the best oil for your vehicle. We’ll help you select a high-quality brand and type of oil that meets or exceeds the requirements set by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Can I Switch to a Different Oil Type?

You can switch to a different oil type as long as the product you choose meets the manufacturer’s requirements for your vehicle. Take note, however, that switching to a different oil type can have a significant impact on your engine’s performance and longevity. Make sure that you do this correctly by consulting with one of our oil change mechanics.

Where Can I Get an Oil Change in Dearborn, MI?

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